Best PowerPoint Transition Effects For Disaster Planning Presentations

Disaster planning presentations should not only be thorough in emphasizing upon essential tips, historical data and standard operating procedures but also need to be lively and attention grabbing. The last thing you need as a presenter is to have a sleeping audience, as the inability of your audience to concentrate on your presentation may result in ‘disaster’. This is because such presentations are often given to train new employees, to give safety tips to people from organizations who may have to pass on the knowledge and other types of people dealing with potential disasters.

One method of making your presentations more eye-catching is to use appropriate PowerPoint transition effects. Let’s take a look at the three best PowerPoint transition effects that can be used for making effective disaster planning presentations.

Fracture Transition Effect

Whether you are working for an NGO and deal with disaster relief or an IT professional conducting a webinar about disaster recover (e.g. converting an Additional Domain Controller to a Domain), the Fracture Transition Effect can be quite ideal for your presentations. This transition switches slides with an effect that appears like breaking the current slide like a glass. Even the name of the effect is quite suitable for disaster planning presentations; i.e. ‘Fracture’.  As most disasters do end up breaking something, be it a natural disaster, loss of data, a crippled network, an accident, etc.

Fracture Transition Effect in PowerPoint

To see the Fracture Transition Effect in action, check out our video demo given below.

Crush Transition Effect

When something is damaged, it can often also be equated to be crushed or at least a part of it. The Crush Transition Effect is another useful effect for switching slides to give the audience the impression that something has gone wrong. For example, you can use this transition before or after moving to a slide which explains the disaster or damage that has been caused.


To find out how the Crush Transition Effect may appear on your slides, see our video demonstration given below.

Shred Transition Effect

While file shredding for actual or virtual files is often done as a security measure, the last thing one needs is accidental shredding of important data. This however often happens when novice or intermediate computer users fail to see the advanced instructions for a file shredding application or when they trust the basic settings too much. Shred is an ideal transition effect for disaster planning presentations, particularly related to IT based topics like data loss, data backup and redundancy.

Shred Transition Effect

The Shred Transition Effect shreds through the current slide to reveal the next slide. You can add the Shred effect in the form of either strips or particles (via Effect Options).

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