Best Free Halloween Templates For PowerPoint

Next to Christmas, the Halloween season may just well be the best season where children are excited to get treats and dress up as their favorite characters while grownups feel like children again by donning their best and scariest costumes.

If you are someone who is into organizing a Halloween party or any other event related to Halloween, then you know that every detail needs to be taken care of to give your event that 100 percent Halloween feel. To help you out, below are the Best Free Halloween Templates for PowerPoint that you can use to complete your Halloween parties.

Best free Halloween templates for PowerPoint

No Buts with Bats on Halloween

Bats are one of the most famous animals identified with the Halloween season. In folklore and urban legends, vampires turn to bats in order to travel to other places and look for their next victim.

To add a flair of mystery and scare to your party, you can use this Halloween Bat PowerPoint Template. Whether you are organizing a party or creating a marketing campaign related to the season, this template is versatile enough for corporate, personal or school presentations.

This template features a deep red background illuminated by a yellow moon. Overlaying it is a silhouette of a flying bat and below, serving as a bottom border, are cemetery images. This contains a group of jack o’lanterns as well as a silhouette of a graveyard in the distance.

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Bat Themed Template for Halloween

 Bring Out the Kid in You

This next template features kids in different costumes and with their Halloween treats buckets in to doing trick or treating. This Halloween Night PowerPoint Template is perfect as a backdrop for costume contests or Halloween party with children in school or in the neighborhood.

The template’s design shows a perfect image of Halloween activities without being too scary for children. It simply shows the fun and creative atmosphere the season brings. This template contains various layout options and you can add more slides to suit your own presentation needs.

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Show Trick or Treat Fun Using this Template

Be Scary with Jack O’Lanterns

One of the most popular things in Halloween is the jack o’lantern made of carved pumpkin. You can decorate your homes with real jack o’lanterns and you can also take this theme into your parties banners, greeting cards, invitations or even Halloween presentations using the Jack O’Lantern PowerPoint Template.

This template is specially made for the Halloween and features a dark background with the spooky silhouette of dead trees on a graveyard. Imposed on the slide are two differently sized jack o’lanterns that immediately grab your attention and complete the Halloween look of the slide. You can use this template for many things because of its versatile design.

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Use This Template as Poster, Banner, Invitation or Greeting Card

Bring Your Best Costumes

Halloween is equated with costume parties where people, from kids to grown ups, dress up in their favorite costumes, whether it is of a superhero, cartoon character, or a scary image. If you are planning a Halloween costume party, you can use this Halloween Costumes PowerPoint Template.

This template has a dark background and on the bottom part is a line of illustrated icons wearing various images that many children can relate and recognize. This is perfect for school presentation for young children, especially in schools.

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Showcase Famous Halloween Costume Ideas

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