10+ Blue Background Designs for PowerPoint

Picking the right color for your presentation wouldn’t be an easy task, especially if you are preparing a presentation where the margin for error must be minimized. The blue color can give a sense of calm or professionalism, this is hence a great choice when preparing an important business presentations that must be seen as a professional work. Blue can be combined with other colors to produce high-impact results.

Here we have introduced a collection of some of the great free blue background designs available for presentations. All these designs have something in common, the predominant blue color as part of the slide. However, since the blue color can be combined with other colors, it is possible to find other great combinations such as blue and white PowerPoint templates, blue and red or even more.

1. Abstract Blue PowerPoint Template

Blue background design for PowerPoint presentations

The abstract blue background presentation template is a professional-looking presentation design featuring a blue background color in the cover slide with space for the presentation title.

The internal slides have a vertical blue line and white space. This is one of the templates under the blue and white category.

2. Blue Snapshot PowerPoint Template

Snapshot PowerPoint template with blue color

Blue snapshot PowerPoint template is a very simple design for PowerPoint featuring a blue background color and placeholders to enter your presentation title.

3. Blue Abstract PowerPoint Template with 3D Box

3D Box PowerPoint template design with blue colors

The blue abstract PowerPoint template with 3D boxes is a professional presentation template with a high-impact photo design of a 3D model and structure. This presentation design is very useful for presentations on technology or business requiring a combination of colors that give the sense of professionalism and calm. The blue background design with 3D boxes can also be used in any other presentation design.

4. Free Blue Lines PowerPoint Template

Blue background color design with lines

This is a professional presentation design with a special effect of lines around the slide view. The presentation template has text placeholders and space to enter your own text.

5. Dark Blue Manager PowerPoint Template

Blue design for PowerPoint as a template

This has been one of the most downloaded templates all time. It contains a blue background template design in the cover slide and internal slides with space to enter the slide title and presentation content.

6. Blue Fringe PowerPoint Template

This presentation template with blue background styles can be used to prepare modern educational slides in PowerPoint or online courses, but the applications of this template can vary. Combined with other free PowerPoint templates and slide designs, abstract backgrounds like these can be used for a variety of other presentation purposes.

7. Free Low-Poly PowerPoint Template with Blue Background

The low-poly presentation template is a nice blue background theme for PowerPoint featuring a low-poly design. The low-poly concept is based in polygon graphics. The low-poly style combines two other concepts: an ancient Japanese art of origami and the legacy of 90s computer games. Low-poly was a very interesting design trend representing a polygon mesh in 3D graphics. The term low poly has been used for years in technical and a descriptive sense and in 2015 was one of the design trends used not only in templates, photos but also printed material.

8. Global Technology PowerPoint Template

Blue technology PowerPoint template

The Global Technology presentation template features a mesh or network style design over a picture of the Earth. This is a great blue background design for presentations on Technology or IT projects.

9. Global Business man PowerPoint template

Exclusive blue global business template for PowerPoint

This is a nice presentation template with a business man photo in the background and world map design. The template features a great blue color tone and makes this professional presentation design suitable for business purposes. You can combine this design with other of our free business templates available to produce high-impact presentations and impress your audience.

10. Free Artificial Intelligence PowerPoint Template

The blue artificial intelligence PowerPoint template is a presentation design background with a human head and chip inside the brain that could be used for serious presentations on AI and futurism.

In this article we have introduce a collection of some of the 10 best blue background designs available in our catalog. The best of all this is that you can download the templates for free.

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