Animated Tech Wire PowerPoint Template

Technology related presentations can be hard to present in a manner that grabs audience’s attention immediately. Many slide decks available for making such presentations aren’t anything unique and can appear either too flashy or dull. Animated Tech Wire PowerPoint Template gives the perfect balance for a technology presentation template, with the animation of electricity passing through a circuit starting off the title slide.

Start Your Topic with the Circuit Animation

The opening slide of this template is quite powerful. It starts with a circuit animation, depicting electricity passing through a circuit. In the middle of the slide is space for the presentation topic and subtext.

Animated tech wire PowerPoint template

The next slide gives ample space for adding text in the middle of the slide for a detailed explanation of your topic. You can also add images to make this slide more interesting.

Animated wire slide design

Make Your Slides More Attention Grabbing

What makes this template interesting is the abstract imagery mixed with circuit themed animations. This gives the slides a unique look. You can make your content appear more attention grabbing by mixing the animated slides in this template with your text and images. While you can replace sample photos, some of the images are quite mind boggling. These might be a good fit for your content.

Tech wire slide design

The template thrives on slides that appear not only futuristic but also uniquely unusual. The text is strategically placed to make it legible. There are also instructions for editing slides to make it easy for presenters to adapt the various animated slides according to need.

Tech wire presentation template

There are sample slides that can be used for making infographics, lists, picture slides or any other type of layout that might go with your topic. You can also copy the clipart images in various slides to reuse them in your presentation deck.

Circuit infographics

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