Animated Colors of Harmony PowerPoint Template

Harmony and diversity are topics subject to much debate nowadays. The principles of do no harm, inclusion and diversity have been mainstreamed. Previously, these ideas were restricted to human rights organizations and non-profits working on human development. Animated Colors of Harmony PowerPoint Template represents the principles of harmony, diversity and peace in the form of PowerPoint slides which show an inclusive world consisting of people from different ethnic backgrounds.

Animated colors of harmony PowerPoint template

Represent Diversity, Inclusion and Harmony

The slides have a colorful design, representing different colors as people in a symbolic manner. The template gives the concept of people from all colors and ethnic backgrounds to be equal and important. This concept can be used in everything from school presentations to professional slide decks about development sector projects associated with international development, as well as for a discussion on diversity and inclusion at the organizational level.

Colorful diversity PowerPoint template

There are sample images with symbolic value that you can keep or replace according to need. You can reorganize the slide content to match your topic and also add imagery which best represents your ideas. The sample slides can act as an example for you to get some ideas regarding how to proceed with your own presentation topic.

Represent different ethnic groups

Different Handy Layouts

There are different sample layouts for making lists, creating image-based slides, as well as slides with a mix of multiple images and little text. All slides in this template are quite colorful and unique. The look is rather fresh and can be helpful in giving out a powerful message using dark color tones and striking imagery.

Peace and harmony slide design

The instructions within the template can guide you to make the necessary changes to the animated layouts. These instructions come in sample slides and also as separate slides with a detailed explanation of how to edit the given content.

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