Animated SWUKS PowerPoint Template

SWUKS is a model of change management that is used for transitional change. SWUKS stands for five parts of the model including sense, want, understand, and other parts of the transitional phase i.e., know-how and support. The model is also considered an alternative to the ADKAR. You can discuss this model in the form of a presentation using a template called the Animated SWUKS PowerPoint Template.

SWUKS transitional change management model

Transitional Change Management

There are a number of slides that can help you discuss this transitional change management model. Many of these slides provide a diagram with each section dedicated to the key aspects of the model. You can discuss the pre-contemplation phase (sense), the contemplation phase (want), the preparation (understanding), followed by action (know-how), and maintenance (support) with the help of neatly crafted diagrams. These diagrams also come in the form of animated slides, making it easy for you to design visually appealing content.

Transition management diagram for SWUKS

With over a dozen slides, you will find a number of editable layouts where a diagram, chart or infographic can be created by using the sample layouts.

Animated SWUKS PowerPoint template

To dig deeper into SWUKS, you can use the slide shown below. This slide gives an infographic covering communications, sponsor roadmap, training, resistance management, and coaching, tied to the five aspects of SWUKS.

Change management model for SWUKS

SWUKS Scoring Chart

There are also layouts to incorporate charts such as the SWUKS scoring chart. The chart comes with a rating system with 1-2 rated as poor, 3-4 fair, 5-6 good, and 7-8 as great.

SWUKS scoring chart

SWUKS Clipart and Icons

While the clipart in the entire template is reusable, there is also an icon slide with popular icons that can be copied and used according to the context you intend to use them for. These icons can be used for multiple purposes by adding relevant text to give them context.

SWUKS clipart for PowerPoint

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