Animated Success Compass PowerPoint Template

Compass is symbolic for finding your way to reach your destination. The Animated Success Compass PowerPoint Template depicts this idea in the form of various animated slides. But it’s not all symbolism. You can customize the various sample slides from this template for making timelines, picture layouts, chart slides, diagrams and even text-heavy slides.

Success and Compass Themed Animations

As is the case with Presenter Media templates, the first slide depicts an animation. This animation shows a compass, with its needle pointing towards the word ‘success’.

Success compass PowerPoint template

Animated Compass Layouts

Different slides provide animations which come with placeholders for adding pictures and text. The slide shown below depicts a compass with its needle pointing towards the textbox. This is an animated slide where the needle moves towards the textbox when you run the slide in slideshow mode.

Animated compass layout

Similarly, the direction arrows shown in this slide move turn by turn upon mouse click, with textboxes containing your added text. This can be a good slide for making comparisons or presenting bullet points.

Direction arrows

Charts and Diagrams

You can use various layouts in this template for making charts and diagrams. These editable layouts can be used for adding your statistical data and diagrammatic models. You can edit the SmartArt slides to create SmartArt diagrams, as well as utilize the picture slides by replacing them with clipart and diagrams.

Chart slide with compass

The picture layouts can also be handy for comparing different aspects of your topic. The textboxes come with animated compass illustrations which can be customized to depict any suitable topic with attractive, animated slide layouts.

This animated compass themed template works with all the latest versions of PowerPoint, even PowerPoint 2013 and PowerPoint 2016. There is also a Keynote variant for users using an iPad device or Mac computer.

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Success Compass PowerPoint Template (Standard)

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Success Compass PowerPoint Template (Widescreen)

Three picture compass layout

Compass Clipart

If you need compass clipart, this is a high-quality illustration which is available in various resolutions and image formats. You can also browse through different compass templates and clipart images at the Presenter Media website, including video background templates.

Go to Presenter Media – Compass Clipart

Compass clipart

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