Product Press Release With Product Announcement Template For Word

Last updated on January 7th, 2023

A product press release is used by many companies who sell and churn out new products. This product press release helps promote the product and increase awareness about its benefits and what consumers can get by buying it. To grab the attention of readers and potential buyers, however, a product press release must be persuasive without being too much of a hard-sell.

Product press release sample text

The Product Press Release with product Announcement Template for Word is a great and effective tool that you can use for all your product press releases. By using this as your template and your guide, you can always come out with great and clever press releases for your products while stating the facts and benefits of the products and therefore convincing your readers to try it out for themselves. What’s more important is, you can have news agencies and outlets use your press release and therefore spread the word about your product.

Create Hype for Your New Product

This Product Press Release with product Announcement Template for Word is free to download and use, so you don’t have to go out and pay someone to create or write your press release for you.

Product press release sample form layouts

The template is already pre-formatted for press releases. There is already a title and subtitle, as well as the City and Date placeholders. The paragraphs are all written out for you so you can just fill in the placeholders with the right information indicated in the labels. There are also sections for inserting relevant quotes and other product information such as availability.

Have Well-Written Press Releases on Hand

You can store this template on your computer or other storage devices. However, for the ultimate in storage and easy accessibility, you can upload this free Word template to your OneDrive account so you can create product press releases anytime you need to create one, even when you are not on your desk.

Have well-written press releases on hand

You can then easily send the file via email or share them through the OneDrive sharing tools.

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