Animated PowerPoint Templates For Oil Industry Presentations

There are a few industries for which making a meaningful and attention grabbing presentation can be a herculean task, and one such industry is arguably the oil industry. Whether you are someone engaged in the oil industry or a student who requires presenting a presentation on a topic related to oil, energy, raw material, primary industry, extraction, etc; you will need a set of professionally designed slides to get a head start and to save time in making a visually appealing presentation. To help you get started, we have just what you need!

Oil industry PowerPoint templates

Oil Industry Infographic Template for PowerPoint and Keynote

We have previously covered various Infographic PowerPoint Templates and explained their utility for presenters. This is another fine infographic template with animations and editable infographic slides to help you create eye-popping presentations. This template for PowerPoint and Keynote consists of various sample slides which can be customized to create anything from text based slides to picture slides, charts, comparison diagrams and more.

This animated infographic template is compatible with:

  • PowerPoint for PC
  • PowerPoint for Mac
  • Keynote for Mac and iPad

Go to Presenter Media – Oil Industry Infographic Template (Standard Version)

Go to Presenter Media – Oil Industry Infographic Template (Widescreen Version)

Oil industry infographic template

Sunset Oil Rig PowerPoint Template

The template contains a plethora of animated slides with all kinds of useful layouts, ranging from editable charts, comparison slides to picture slides and clipart pages to help you create meaningful slides with appropriate imagery. You can find out more from our Review of Sunset Oil Rig PowerPoint Template or download it via the link given below. This animated template has versions for:

  • PowerPoint 2007-2013 for PC
  • PowerPoint 2008-2011 for Mac

Go to Presenter Media – Sunset Oil PowerPoint Template

Sunset oil rig template for PowerPoint

Oil Pump Pumping Animated Clipart

This animated clipart shows an oil pumping motion. You can download this animation in different formats, including GIF and video formats; for use in presentations and personal projects. The GIF version for example can be used in PowerPoint presentations. This animation is available in the following formats:

  • GIF
  • SWF
  • MOV

Go to Presenter Media – Oil Pump Pumping Animated Clipart

Oil pump pumping animation

Business Woman Blueprint Meeting Animated Clipart

This is a generic animation that you can also use for oil related presentation topics. It shows a business woman discussing blueprints related to a project. The animation can be downloaded in these formats:

  • GIF
  • FLV
  • MOV

Go to Presenter Media – Business Woman Blueprint Meeting Animated Clipart

business woman animated clipart

Eastern World Oil Clipart

This is another oil themed clipart that depicts oil pumps located in different eastern countries of the world. You can use this static clipart for making presentation slides related to the oil industry and elaborate your point by adding associated content relevant to your topic. This clipart is available in PNG and JPG image formats.

Go to Presenter Media – Eastern World Oil Clipart

easter world oil clipart

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