Animated Paramount Action PowerPoint Template

Data and trends of paramount importance are usually the hardest to interpret. Infographics and charts can help better explain complex data in the form of PowerPoint presentations. Animated Paramount Action PowerPoint Template gives a range of resources that can be useful for this very purpose.

Replaceable Slide Content

The opening slide has a subtle layout, with a greyish, removable overlay, with an image of a laptop. You can move this overlay to replace the bottom image with a custom one.

Paramount action PowerPoint template

Infographics and Charts for Presenting Data and Trends

There are over a dozen different slides with various handy layouts that can be used for making presentations with an introduction of your business, team, project, as well as infographics and charts to showcase data and trends.

Progress slide

The infographic and chart slides are incredibly easy to edit, with space for adding text to explain the given information in detail. You can also select the individual objects to edit the shape and size of the visualizations and change the default figures to edit them.

Animated chart slide

What makes this template quite useful for presenting data is the fact that charts and infographic elements are presented on the side, with adequate space for inserting text to organize your information in a sequential manner. This can make it easier to explain the information both visually and in the form of a diagram or chart. You can also add additional content such as images and text to create slides that suit your requirements.

Animated infographics

Customize Infographics with Custom Color and Layouts

You can also insert custom branding and change the colors of the default visualizations to match your company colors and branding needs.

Customize infographics with custom colors

This is a premium  template that can be downloaded along with thousands of other presentation resources from PresenterMedia.

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