Animated E-commerce Platforms PowerPoint Template

One of the biggest changes in the way people sell goods and services in recent years has been the rise of e-commerce. Electronic commerce and its variants such as mobile commerce have been gradually changing the way people buy products and services. Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic has given the entire concept a boost, leading to an increase in e-commerce and m-commerce. Animated E-commerce Platforms PowerPoint Template is meant for a presentation about the sale and purchase of goods and services using e-commerce.

Infographic Slides Depicting E-Commerce Processes

The template can help depict an entire process from purchase to delivery using infographic slides. You can also create and present buyer personas, marketing strategies, mockups, and UI designs for your e-commerce platform. Since the slides are generic, you can create your own customized version of the e-commerce slides. The objects within slides are also editable via drag and drop.

There are 11 slides in the template, each with a unique layout to help you create e-commerce themed slides. Be it e-commerce stratgies, online store UIs, customer journeys, and the like.

With the given slides you can create presentation for not just your local market but also provide a global perspective to your audience. The variety of layouts make it possible to create content that can be adjusted for a range of topics and subtopics. Furthermore, you can also add your own branding, clipart, photos, and charts to further customize the sample slides.


Using the animated slides, you can also create content that is easy to grasp and loads onscreen gradually. Allowing you to explain one part of the slide, before the next item is revealed. This can be a great way to explain complex topics.

E-Commerce Clipart

There is a dedicated slide with e-commerce clipart for use in your slides. Just copy the given clipart and use it as you need to. The clipart images are high quality and can be dragged to increase or reduce their size. you can also edit their colors to some extent using PowerPoint Ribbon menu options like Shape Format.

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