Animated Dark PowerPoint Template

Dark themes are often underrated in use for presentations. This is particularly true for themes that appear dark and gloomy. However, the use of themes which come with a mesh of high-quality images embedded in dark themes can be particularly striking to create a meaningful impact. Animated Dark PowerPoint Template blends dark colors with striking imagery to provide a customizable PowerPoint template with exceptionally eye-catching slides.

Animated dark PowerPoint template

Mix of Dark Color Tones

The template contains a mix of black, red and blue color tones with dark shades that are suitable for a variety of topics. For example, if you want a template to discuss the COVID-19 crisis or mortality rate, viruses, infection or need to create a storyboard in PowerPoint for a class lecture about a dark tale, this is the template for you. The gloomy, yet strikingly eye-catching outlook of the template makes it a good pick for topics that can range from healthcare to Halloween, photography, lifestyle, travel and tourism.

Dark branding slide design

Customizing Slides

The slides come with replaceable text, images and overlays. You can click to drag certain parts of the slide elements to create something most suited for your presentation. You can easily incorporate your branding, images, charts and other relevant information by editing the slides that are highly customizable.

Dark slide design for branding

Dark Imagery with Animated Sequences

The dark slide layouts reveal content in multiple layers using animations. The animated sequences make the slides quite interesting with mysterious color tones and images. You can of course, replace the images with your own and make use of the animated sequence by simply editing the placeholders.

Gothic template for presentations

In the 8 sample slides, you will find a variety of useful layouts. The samples are rather artistic and can be mixed with your own content to create something truly unique.

Mysterious slide designs

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