Animated Climbing Box Ladder Template for PowerPoint

Sometimes to think outside the box, you need to climb out of it. Animated Climbing Box Ladder Template for PowerPoint is a slide deck with a number of animated slides with ladders in a box! The template can be used in different ways to depict various themes such as thinking outside the box or finding new avenues to success.

Climbing Out of a Box Animation

The opening slide shows an animation of a stick figure climbing a ladder out of a box. There is space for adding text to start off your topic to support the animated opening slide.

Climbing box ladder template for PowerPoint

Ladder Infographic Layouts

There are slides that can be easily used for making infographics related to any topic by using the box and ladder theme. The overall outlook of the template is related to problem solving, finding solutions to pressing issues, success, etc. You can use the sample slides to make use of these themes and to incorporate your own ideas for making visually appealing slides. The slides can have infographics, animated sequences and persuasive themes to create a slide deck that goes with your topic.

Climbing ladder infographics

Using the ladder themed sequences, you can also create timelines and roadmaps. To extend your sequence, you can also duplicate slides or edit existing layouts by using drag and drop.

Ladder infographics for PowerPoint

Different layouts depict the ladders with and without stick figures. You can also edit the sequences by removing or replacing items within slides. The objects within the slides are editable, making it possible to extensively edit the sample layouts to create slides that best depict your desired outlook for the presentation.

Climbing ladder clipart

There are also slides that can be used for statistical information such as forecasts, quarterly performance data, demographics, financial information and the like.

Stats infographic slide design for PowerPoint

The 7 sample slides in this template consistently follow the box and ladder theme which can be used in a number of ways to creatively explain difficult concepts, to highlight key issues and to discuss solutions for overcoming challenges.

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