Animated Core Diagrams PowerPoint Template

Core diagrams are used for various purposes, across different fields. A core diagram might be used to discuss the structure of the earth, which consists of the mantle, crust and core. Similarly, a core diagram can be used for presenting different processes, for making stacked diagrams, as well as for creating infographics. If you want to create a core diagram, the Animated Core Diagrams PowerPoint Template is the perfect toolkit for the job.

Highly Customizable Core Diagrams for PowerPoint

There are almost two dozen sample slides with various core diagrams that can be used for making scientific business related and other types of core diagrams. The diagrams have been created using PowerPoint shapes, and each object can be edited and selected individually. This enables designing custom diagrams by moving around object using drag and drop. Furthermore, you can also resize and recolor slide objects.

Elaborate Your Diagrams with Related Text

Each diagram comes with text-boxes tied to each aspect of the diagram. This can help you add a detailed explanation for each part of the diagram according to need.

Plethora of Editable Core Diagram Designs

There are a wide variety of editable core diagram design sin this template. Each slide provides a new type of editable, sample diagram that can help you design professional looking diagrams and infographics. You can quickly generate your diagrams by labeling the diagrams and filling the placeholders with relevant descriptions and explanations. Alternatively, you can edit the sample diagrams as heavily as you need to.

Sample Clipart & Icons

There are also various clipart and icons provided within this template that you can use according to need. These images and icons can also be recolored to fit your design requirements. The clipart slide in this template gives 18 icons, whereas various other icons can also be copied from within the sample diagrams.

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