Animated Combining Strands PowerPoint Template

When it comes to PowerPoint presentations, you have to think outside the box and find the best way to deliver your message in a way that also entertains your audience. Sometimes, this takes a lot of planning and conceptualization. Also, there’s a lot of time and brain work that goes into making sure that your presentation stands out slide after slide. However, what if you’re not an expert PowerPoint user? Or, you simply don’t have the time or creative juice? The Animated Combining Strands PowerPoint Template pretty much can be used for any presentation topic, especially related to; teamwork, processes, and growth.

Animated Combining Strands PowerPoint Design

Good thing there’s PresenterMedia with a large selection of animated slides to help you with any presentation dilemma. One of its many beautiful animated presentations is this Animated Combining Strands PowerPoint Template.

This template anchors on combining strands, like pieces of threads that each go together to create a tighter rope. This in itself is universally symbolic and can be applied in many aspects of business and organizations.

Animated Combining Strands PowerPoint Template

The template features beautiful and relevant animations that match the overall message of the deck. It has 13 animated templates and additional slides that contain instructions and tips on how you can customize and navigate through the premium slides. Therefore, whether or not you’re an expert presenter, you can easily make use of this template and definitely make it your own through simple customizations that are already built-in within PowerPoint.

Multiple Strands

Easily Customizable Slides and Slide Elements

This Animated Combining Strands PowerPoint Template has a simple, crisp and white background to allow you and your audience to focus on the beautiful graphics and layout. For example, the title slide has a colorful rope that runs across it, and each strand in the rope not only has a vibrant color but also a well-coordinated animation. If you are to do the graphics and animation alone for this, it may easily take you at least an hour, so having this kind of template drastically increases your productivity.

Meanwhile, skimming through the inside slides will show you the different layouts, each of them still in keeping with the colorful combining strands theme. For example, there’s one slide that you can use for listing the various topics or qualities that make up each strand in the rope. This is also beautifully animated so each strand is given enough time as you discuss it.

Strands Timeline

Professionally Made Animations for Every Slide

There are combining strands slides that show the different number of colors, so you can pick and choose depending on how many elements or processes you want to list down. Furthermore, there is a slide that shows the combining strands as a timeline, so you can beautifully present time progression with each strand serving an event or milestone. There is also a comparison slide, which shows two different strands and a scissor that is about to cut them apart right in the middle.

Cutting the Rope

Whatever slide you choose, or even if you use them all, you can definitely see how much work is put in each slide. Each color and strand is painstakingly customized with its own animation so that it is well-choreographed with each other, resulting in a smooth experience for yourself and your audience.

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