Using Full Screen Image in PowerPoint

The purpose of this article is to explain how to make an image fit the whole slide so when running the slide show the image is shown as full screen in PowerPoint. For the demonstration, we have downloaded one of the free PowerPoint backgrounds available at but you can use virtually any image you want. There are many other resources where to download free images or you can use your own pictures if you wish.

Once you have the background image, normally as a JPG or PNG image, there are different methods to make it fit the whole slide. Once projected, it will fit the full screen in PowerPoint.

Insert a Pictures in PowerPoint from Local Computer

The process is very simple, just drag the corners of the image to the corner of the slides (it is recommended to hold the shift key so the image won’t lose the proportions). If you are using the same format or aspect ratio for the slideshow and the pictures, the image should fit the slide perfectly.

Use a Full Screen Image in PowerPoint

As mentioned earlier, this method is straightforward as you only need to resize the picture in PowerPoint by dragging the image corners.

Make a Full Screen Image in PowerPoint Presentation

However, in many occasions the aspect ratio used for the photo is different than the slide format. In this case, you’d need to enlarge the image to go beyond the slide borders. Again, you can hold the shift key in order to preserve proportions. The following image shows an example how we made the background image to fit the slide when the image is a squared picture and the slide is configured to use 16×9 aspect ratio. First of all, we inserted the background into the slide.

Fit a Background Image in PowerPoint

Then, we resize the picture to go beyond the slide borders, as shown below:


A similar example can be show in the following screenshot but using a 16×9 picture background fitting the 4×3 presentation.

Fit background image in PowerPoint 16x9

Why bothering to have a full screen image in a PowerPoint presentation? Some presenters argue that using large images is a good technique to make effective PowerPoint presentations, as mentioned in this article Large Images in PowerPoint from the CRM Guru blog.

In this article we can learn how to make an image fit full screen. If you use the methods described above, it is possible that the shapes are in front of other objects already inserted into the slide. In this case, you’d need to move the objects to the background. Go to Picture Format menu in the Ribbon and then click Selection Pane to reorder the shapes, or click Send to Background option while having the background image selected.

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