Add Neon Effect to PowerPoint Text

In PowerPoint we can use the text effects to apply nice and original effects to our paragraphs and text boxes. This can help to make awesome slides. For example, we will show you here how to create a neon effect text in PowerPoint 2010 using Format Shape and Text Effect options (see change text effects and format).

neon style

First, we start adding a new textbox in a blank slide. If you don’t know how to change the default slide layout to blank layout, then here is a tip. Right click on the slide thumbnail on the left, and then choose Layout. Now you can choose an empty layout or blank layout. This will help to start adding a text in a blank layout without title and content.

Now, add a simple text box and then enter the text you want to apply neon effect. Then, select the text (not the shape, the text) and right click to enter Format Text Effects. Make sure you enter into the Text Effects and not in the Format Shape options.

neon lights ppt

Now, choose Glow and Soft edges to add a glow variation in gray or any other color that you prefer to use as your neon style.

Now you can change the outline properties, for example to pick a cyan solid line. Alternatively you may opt to remove the text fill options or add 100% transparency.

text outline

And here is the final result.

neon sign

If you want to make it more realistic, then you can download a free dark bricks texture from public domain websites like this dark brick background image, and add this image as a PowerPoint background.

neon lights powerpoint

This is an example of dark bricks texture that you can download for free.

Finally, change the Outline Style and line width to make it look better.

neon signinage

Neon lights, neon signs or neon lighting are made using electrified, luminous tube lights that contain rarefied neon or other gases. They are the most common use for neon lighting. While neon lights are used worldwide, neon signs were extremely popular in the United States from about 1920–1960. The installations in Times Square were famed, and there were nearly 2000 small shops producing neon signs by 1940.

It is widely used for signage, neon lighting is now used frequently by artists and architects, and you can also use it in your PowerPoint templates and backgrounds for presentations to simulate display panels and televisions. The signage industry has declined in the past several decades, and cities are now concerned with preserving and restoring their antique neon signs.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to change your text options you may consider to download neon lights fonts from dafont.

neon lights font

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