A Public Speaking Vs. Demo Presentation

Preparing for presentations is not that easy, sometimes meetings with team members and colleagues also become stressful and challenging. Some people are true introvert and some can be quite comfortable at public speaking. The most anticipated part of delivering presentation is launching standout at DEMO.

Public Speaking vs. Demo Presentation

That 6 minute presentation on stage is really a great thing and people can prepare you by letting you know what to expect, but more or less it depends on you, how you perceive things. For maximum people it is the most stressful, important and biggest presentation of life. These are often considered as conversation more than presentation. However, the format for DEMO is quite flexible than public presentation. But still there is conflict between these two. If asked, what strategy should be followed to present these two effectively and distinctively, answers are straightforward, memorize your script, practice intensively for a long period and many more like these advices will be there for you to follow. Hardly there will be any person who will go for presentation without rehearsing and practicing. So, what is new in this?

The main thing is to feel confident, comfortable and at ease while giving presentation. If you don’t know what to do in order to feel comfortable, here are some tips you can follow:

1. Start with key points of your topic

Writing a huge script for presentation is of no use unless you don’t know what points you want to hammer. Begin it by telling what you want to show, within the presentation show them and conclude your presentation by telling what you have showed. That’s it.

2. Write a Script

Write whole story of your topic and then refine things while rehearsing. This can be a good and easy way to follow.

3. Use your own speaking style

With enough practice you can present in any style but if you don’t have enough time to prepare and you are in crunch mode just adopt your own speaking style. For DEMO, you can use informal words just aim at remaining calm and confident.

4. Practice in front of people

If you have not given many presentations yet then this is the best idea to adopt. Practicing in front of people will raise your confidence level and you will not feel awkward while giving presentation at your final shot.

5. Practice piece by piece

This is the most beneficial way to prepare for presentation. Just pick core element of your DEMO and emphasize on them to make it completely clear to your audience.

Thus, public speaking and DEMO presentation differ in few things; rest of the pattern is same. What all you need to do is, remain confident and comfortable.

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