ScribLink Free Online Whiteboard with Phone Conference

ScribLink is a free online whiteboard that you can use for multiple purposes. The online whiteboard let you draw in a digital canvas that opens in your web browser and then share or save your work for future references. You can use the simple toolbox including lines, pen, circles, text elements, grids and symbols and also configure the colors and backgrounds.

ScribLink Free Online Whiteboard with Phone Conference

This simple tool also has a built-in conference system that you can use to make online conferences while the participants see the whiteboard in their screen. You need to click on Phone Conference button on the bottom right corner in order to see the instructions. For this purpose, ScribLink whiteboard providers a phone number with an access code.

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You can switch to different whiteboards in the same screen, and choose the board color as well as the size color. This can be a simple but useful tool for online collaboration and to be used in the classroom.

If you need a PowerPoint solution then you can check how to use PowerPoint as a virtual whiteboard.

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