A PowerPoint presentation

If you are looking for free PowerPoint presentation examples then this site contains lot of PowerPoint templates that you can use for your own presentation needs.

A PowerPoint presentation

What is a PowerPoint presentation?

A PowerPoint presentation is a presentation that uses Microsoft Office PowerPoint. This is the most popular presentation software, by Microsoft corporation.

PowerPoint requires a license to be used, but you can still do a lot without the PowerPoint software installed, for example you can free download the PowerPoint Viewer (from Microsoft’s website) to view already made PowerPoint files (usually under the file name with extension .ppt or pptx). Also you can work online with several tools that allows you to create and edit a PowerPoint presentation file, for example the Office web apps including not only PowerPoint but also Excel and Word online.

You can download PowerPoint templates and backgrounds for free from different websites, these templates are very useful if you want to start from a made presentation instead of creating it for scratch. A good template that fits into your presentation needs can help you to make more presentations quicker, for example if you are doing a PowerPoint presentation for your work or project and have no time to deliver it. Instead of focusing on the template design you can focus on the presentation content and practicing.