3D SWOT PowerPoint Template

We have previously reviewed a number of SWOT PowerPoint Templates. SWOT analysis templates for PowerPoint make it easier to create a diagram depicting the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats tied to a venture or organization, without the need to create a new slide design from scratch. The 3D SWOT PowerPoint Template is yet another awesome template that can be used for this very purpose.

3D PowerPoint Template

This is a 3D PowerPoint template, which depicts a sample layout for presenting a SWOT diagram. The opening slide provides a layout which can not only be used to introduce your topic but also to highlight the major strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that you might want to discuss ahead in the presentation.


3D Slides with Editable Layouts

There are five slide sin this template. The title slide is followed by one slide each, dedicated to each four aspects of the SWOT analysis. There is also space for adding your own text to further elaborate upon each part of your analysis, with a detailed overview. Should you need additional slides, you can duplicate the existing ones to stretch your analysis across multiple slides.


The slides in this 3D SWOT PowerPoint Template are easy to edit, with the utility to alter the given default layout using drag and drop. You can also choose individual objects to recolor them in PowerPoint. This makes it possible to design your own slides using the default layout.

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You can download this 3D SWOT PowerPoint Template from SlideModel, which also offers more than 10,000 PowerPoint Templates with high-quality graphics.

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