Best PowerPoint Templates & Slides for Conflict Resolution

One of the most important aspects of keeping the workforce motivated and content is to ensure a mechanism for conflict resolution. Conflicts, even in the best organizations can last several weeks, months or even years. This can lead to animosity, conspiracies and eventually an open confrontation that ruins the working environment. To explain conflict resolution in your presentations, we have compiled a list of the Best PowerPoint Templates & Slides for Conflict Resolution. But first, we will start with a brief explanation of conflict resolution and some related strategies and approaches.

conflict resolution

What is Conflict Resolution?

Conflict resolution is a method or process for the peaceful resolution of a conflict. This can be done through a formal or informal method by which disputes, or disagreements are resolved. These methods might include; negotiations, diplomacy and mediation. Sometimes the process might include arbitration or litigation. A complaint process might also be initiated via an ombudsman.

what is conflict resolution

Conflict Resolution Strategies: What are the Methods for Managing Conflict?

There are a number of conflict resolution strategies used to resolve conflicts, especially at the workplace. While different types of conflicts require different types of approaches and strategies, there are some fundamental strategies used in conflict resolution.

Agreed Rules and Procedures: This includes establishing ground rules by meeting according to a formal agenda. This strategy has limitations as to who attends, for how long the meeting lasts and specific do(s) and don’t(s) are laid out.

De-Escalation to Reduce Tension: When emotions are running high and people are upset, the fundamental conflict resolution strategy is to reduce hostilities and to ease out the stressful environment. This can include; separating the involved parties, acknowledging feelings to ensure everyone feels that they have been heard and public statements for de-escalation by involved parties.

Improving Perspectives and Communication: By placing the other person in the shoes of someone they have a conflict with can be an effective strategy for conflict resolution. This might be done via role reversal, empathetic reasoning and explanation of the other person’s point of view to improve communication and improve perspectives.

Controlling the Size of Issues: You can reduce the issues under discussion and divide large conflicts into smaller bits. The number of people on each side of the conflict and the number of issues under discussion can be controlled to divide large issues.

Finding Common Ground: By establishing common ground or looking for common goals or enemies can help resolve conflicts and enable reaching an agreement. There can be negotiations to build trust and the focus of parties involved in the conflict can be diverted towards something positive and beneficial to the organization.

Improving Desirability of Options: By presenting acceptable options and sweetening the pot, a conflict can be amicably resolved. In such a case alternative options can be presented to mitigate the conflicting environment and zero-sum game that the conflict-ridden parties might be involved in.

conflict resolution strategies
Example of Conflict Resolution Strategy Template for PowerPoint

Conflict Resolution Approaches

There are a few approaches to conflict resolution that seem to be commonly practiced at the workplace. The type of approach used might depend upon the kind of conflict and the organizational culture. Most of these approaches can be teach in a conflict resolution training from reputable academies, but at a glance, this may include:

Forcing: This involves pushing one point of view against the other. This is an extreme measure and might be used when all other options have been exhausted or when the conflict involves an extreme point of view which needs to be crushed. This method is also used when a quick resolution is needed.

Win-Win: This involves coming up with a resolution which is satisfying to both parties. This can be done by collaborating with both parties, sweetening the pot for both sides with some kind of concessions or benefits. This process can be lengthy and might not work when a quick solution is required; such as when time-sensitive work is being delayed due to conflict.

Compromising: This includes reaching an agreement which partially satisfies the conflicted parties. In such a case both parties might need to be closely monitored to avoid future conflicts, especially if both sides rather see this as a lose-lose situation due to resentment.

Withdrawing: This entails avoiding the conflict altogether by not addressing it at all. This might be done when more pressing issues need to be catered for and to discourage trivial issues from ruining the working environment. In such a case one or both parties might withdraw their case.

Smoothing: This involves giving the positive aspects of both sides’ priority. Smoothing might also be used when someone accepts their mistake and one agenda against another is not to be pushed further. Smoothing can however not be used when important interests are at stake.

conflict resolution approaches
Conflict Resolution Approaches

Best Conflict Resolution PowerPoint Templates

To present the various strategies, approaches or to help resolve conflicts at the workplace, you can use PowerPoint templates to demonstrate your point of view. Here is a list of some handy PowerPoint templates & slides for conflict resolution.

Conflict Resolution PowerPoint Template

With 9 expertly crafted slides, this presentation template provides editable slides for making conflict resolution related presentations. The title slide depicts a bullseye, which in this case is symbolic for resolution of a conflict. This is followed by sample diagrams and infographic slides. Just add your own text and other required content to populate the sample slides. The illustrations in the template provide a good visual idea regarding the presentation topic and can be complementary with your presentation text.

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Conflict Resolution Slides Template for PowerPoint Presentations
Conflict Resolution Slides for PowerPoint Presentations

Conflict Resolution Slides for PowerPoint

This is a simple slide deck with two slides related to conflict resolution. The same illustration comes with a blue and white background with a depiction of arm wrestling to depict conflict.

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100% Editable Conflict Resolution Template for PowerPoint Presentations
100% Editable Conflict Resolution Template for PowerPoint Presentations

Opposite Handsets PowerPoint Template for Conflict Resolution

With an illustration of two analogue handset receivers, the template depicts conflict in a symbolic manner. There are 8 slides with sample text which can be easily customized to illustrate and discuss conflict resolution. The 8th slide of the template also provides sample clipart which can be copied for making custom slide layouts.

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Opposite Handsets Illustration for Presentations on Conflict Resolution
Opposite Handsets Illustration for Presentations on Conflict Resolution

Rowing Different Directions Illustration for PowerPoint

This conflict resolution themed presentation template provides illustrations of male and female figures rowing in opposite directions. This demonstrates conflict and how rowing in opposite directions cannot lead people to their destination. This is a nice example to discuss conflict resolution and to set the tone for the presentation. The slide deck contains 4 slides, 2 each for female and male figures. You can copy these slides to include in your presentation or use the deck for making a complete conflict resolution presentation.

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Rowing Illustration showing Opposite Directions Concept in a PowerPoint Presentation
Rowing Illustration showing Opposite Directions Concept in a PowerPoint Presentation

Conflict resolution many times entails allowing people to act upon their mature instincts by showing them different perspectives and reaching an agreement which can help keep things smoothly flowing within an organization. The right illustrations can help better explain these concepts to hard-wire the workforce for opting for a harmonious working environment. You can use the templates accessible via the link below for making this type of presentations.

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