3 ways to Insert Audio in PowerPoint presentations

In PowerPoint you can insert audio and music. Sounds can be played in the background while you are presenting the slides or you can also automate your presentation and add the speeches so when you hit the F5 button it will be played for every new slide.

There are three different ways to insert audio from the Audio menu.

3 ways to Insert Audio in PowerPoint presentations

First, you need to click Insert menu and then Audio. Here you will see a popup with the options.

  • Audio from File… Let you insert an audio file or music from a file located in your computer.
  • Clip Art Audio… If you need to insert clipart audio (for example: clap clap sound, or┬átrumpets sound for PowerPoint) then you can insert it from here.
  • Record Audio… here you can record the audio using your mic connected to the computer.
There are many different audio format supported, for example you can insert a MP3 file in the slide, or even other formats like MIDI, Windows Media Audio (WMA), .snd, .aiff, .aac, .adt, etc.

sound powerpoint

Lastly, when you insert a sound clipart you can see the following icon.

audio powerpoint

This is very handly if you want to preview the sound before you start the presentation. Also you can trim the audio if you want to adapt it to your slide. In order to edit and trim the audio you can right click over the sound icon.

trim audio