Wrapping text around an image in PowerPoint

Sometimes it is required to wrap text around an image in PowerPoint and this can happen in different flavors: for example, you may require to use an irregular shape or picture and wrap the text around, or just use a rectangular or regular shape or picture instead.

Unlike other Microsoft Office products where you can align text or wrap text around images, in Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 to 2010 this can be challenging. The official Office blog already pointed about this in wrap text around an object in PowerPoint 2010.

But in simple words, if you need to wrap text around an image or shape in PowerPoint, the space key and Shift-ENTER in your keyword can be your best friends.

wrap text regular shape

In this example above, we have placed a worldmap picture in the slide design and then we added some paragraphs with bullet points at the left and you can learn how to wrap text in PowerPoint.

The way we wrapped text here around the image was very simple. Just before overlapping the text with the image, click Shift-ENTER to add a line break.

wrap text irregular shape

In this last example we are showing you how to use the space key inside a paragraph to leave space for an irregular shape or picture.

If you need some text for testing purposes, try to use the =rand() function to add some random text. We hope this article will be useful for next time you need to wrap text around picture in PowerPoint presentations.