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I still remember how I had to sift through my paperback Oxford Dictionary back in the day to lookup words of the English language. Sixteen years later, I can now access a range of features from various services that give me everything from definitions, pronunciations, antonyms, rhyming words to translations in dozens of languages. However, there are very few services that can combine all these features and Word Hippo is one such website.

Word Hippo

Find Definitions with Pronunciations, Antonyms, Example Sentences and More

Whether you are a presenter who needs some help for his/her next PowerPoint presentations, a student looking to make a report or write an essay or just someone looking to sharpen English language skills, Word Hippo is an excellent website. In fact, you can even opt for the Spanish or French version of the website to enhance your Spanish or French skills.

Find definitions ith pronounciations

Get Help with Singulars, Plurals, Tenses, Grammar and Find Meaning for Names

Word Hippo gives more than a dozen useful options that you can use either from the buttons located on top of the main page or by using the drop down menu below. These options include; looking for definitions, pronunciations, opposites, another word for your entered word, sentence examples, singulars, plurals, tenses, adjectives, adverbs, nouns, names starting with, names of origin, name meanings and more. Hence, Word Hippo is a talking dictionary, thesaurus, translator and more.

Find meanings for names

Translation for a Plethora of Languages

For someone like me who’s native language isn’t English, I might want translations in say, Urdu (my national language) or Punjabi (a provincial language in my country). At Word Hippo I was able to find both among translation options. This goes on to show that Word Hippo even supports languages that are less catered for by other websites. Needless to say, if you need help with the most widely spoken languages in the world like Spanish, French, Arabic or Chinese, Word Hippo can be a good place to sharpen your language skills.

Translate between multiple languages

Useful for E-Learning, Presentations and Professional Use

Since Word Hippo is quite a comprehensive service, you can use it whether you are a teacher, student, presenter or someone who wants to communicate and understand a client’s native language for better professional communication.

Enhance your English language skills

The best thing about Word Hippo is that despite giving some many useful features under one interface, it is free to use. In case you intend to switch to the Spanish or French version of the website, click your desired languages from the bottom of the website (footer) or you can add fr or es before the Word Hippo URL. For example, for the Spanish version of the website go to es.wordhippo.com or ad fr instead of es for the French version.

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