Where to Download Animations for Keynote

If you are looking for awesome animations to use in Keynote presentations then you can consider some of the following examples. Below you can see in action Animations for Keynote presentations. All these animated cliparts are provided by PresenterMedia in Quicktime format so you can easily play them in Mac or Apple. Animated Keynote templates can help you to enhance your presentation look and feel by providing awesome multimedia content to make modern Keynote presentations.

PresenterMedia Quicktime animations for Keynote feature transparent backgrounds and semi-transparent shadows and reflections. You can also download other videos for PowerPoint and Keynote presentations. If you download the video backgrounds for Keynote, notice the transparent versions of the QuickTime files include an alpha channel which defines the transparent areas of the animations and let you make transparent animated presentations in Office for Mac.

From this gallery you can download lot of animated cliparts for Keynote and PowerPoint presentations including Marching Sousaphone, Gears Turning Ideas, Fire Hydrant Spray, Animated flags for Presentations, Animated pointing arrows, Glowing pushing buttons, Figure Presenting Black Note text, 3D animated chart illustrations and more.

Alternatively you can also download QuickTime animations for Keynote with a solid color background instead. The solid color background animations will even work with the Keynote App on the iPad.

Access tons of animated cliparts for Keynote from PresenterMedia Clipart Section

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