Blood Pressure And Glucose Tracker For Excel

If you are at risk for diseases caused by high blood pressure and glucose levels, then you need to closely monitor your intake and ensure that you have everything in check. We have previously reviewed many health tracking templates and the template that we will explore in this post is an Excel Online Template for tracking blood pressure and glucose levels.

Health Excel Template for Monitoring Blood Pressure and Glucose Levels

Track Blood Pressure, Heart Rate and Glucose Levels

The Blood Pressure and Glucose Tracker for Excel is an Online Excel template that allows you to ensure that you are within the healthy parameters as indicated by your healthcare professional.

This template is a professionally designed template specially created for the purpose of keeping track of blood pressure and glucose levels, and alerting the user if he or she falls outside the parameters set in the template. As each body and health needs are different, this template lets you set your own blood pressure and glucose level limits while applying conditional formatting to show you if you fall above or beyond your normal levels.

Show Your Medical History and Records Using this Excel Health Tracker

Automatic Color Indicators That Indicate Unhealthy Trends

The tracker features customizable scale values to suit your own health needs. You can set values for your systolic and diastolic blood pressure, as well as set low, normal and high glucose levels. The template then remembers these values to display warnings as you input your figures.

The main table contains columns for Date, Time, Event, Blood Pressure (Systolic, Diastolic, Heart Rate), Glucose Level (Glucose, Level, Status) and Notes. This way, you can enter your values every day, or even multiple times of the day, while describing your activities. The colors of the text for the blood pressure and glucose levels change to symbolize high, normal or low levels.

The template also automatically calculates your Average statistics as you record them. You can also include Notes on a separate pane.

Automatically Show if Your Are Above or Below Your Normal Levels

This template is designed not only to help you keep track of your health but also help you on your next appointment with your doctor. You can print your tracker and show it to your doctor to give him or her a better understanding of your condition and medical history.

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