What is Voice of Customer VOC

The market research technique, the Voice of Customer (VOC) describes the unstated and stated customer requirements or needs. It is a process which captures the changing preferences of clients in time. Nowadays, businesses are using this effective program to manage and capture a customer feedback as it has become a need of an hour.

The Voice of the Customer can be easily captured in a different ways including observation, field reports, focus groups, direct interviews, surveys and much more.

Undoubtedly, for an improvement in any project, the Voice of Customer is a necessary and valuable input which just can’t be ignored at any cost.

Best Practices of Voice of Customer Program

In today’s high tech savvy world, companies are increasingly relying on Voice of Customer Program as it allow enterprises to take a more directed approach on where to invest. Here are some excellent practices:

Feedback Collection

Customer behaviors changes instant and so the company should not only listen to customer feedback only but also respond to it quickly and that too within a stipulated time. Only then, they will be able to serve their customers effectively.

Create Insights

For the successful implementation of this program, the corporation needs to collect the data and make it available to everyone. This will help the staff to know where they actually stand. All this can be simply done using links, special sites and intranets.

Measuring Results

Always try to frame results in an objective way and certainly you will experience the change. Over the period of time, evaluate results of every business unit as it will keep the program running successfully. Doing these things, certainly ensure that you are going in a right direction and not too far away from achieving success.

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To fully execute the VOC program, all the above mentioned points play a dominant role and so using it effectively will definitely yield positive results.

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