What is Microsoft Hup Program

The Microsoft Home Use Program is a Software Assurance benefit that can offer licensed employees access to a single license of Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 and Professional Plus 2013.  It is one of the productivity-enhancing benefits of Software Assurance that help accelerate use of  new office products.

What is Microsoft Hup Program

There are two installations allowed by HUP software on a primary and secondary device for each product sold through Home Use Program.

Undoubtedly, when employees can use the Microsoft Office software at home, then certainly it can help maximizing return on your software investment and enhance job satisfaction. Thus, it plays a huge role in an organization and help increasing productivity level which further results in huge profits that you must have not even dream t of.

What all HUP offers

Typically, Home Use Program provides your Qualifying workforce Microsoft’s most newest and popular Office System products. The list of products truly differed by language, application, region, version and offering.  Not just this, it also offers you optional Office language packs that allow Localized User Interface, Document Proofing Tools for 37 diverse languages.

What to Do to Put up HUP to employees

At first, your company’s Software Assurance Manager will require to log in to the (VLSC) Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center. Further on, he/she will activate your Home Use Program benefits and then after receiving the HUP program code, the SA manager will send that code to representatives by using the downloadable marketing resources, banner ads and email templates.

How much does it cost?

For the download of each product available and license, customers pay $9.95 in United States. Thus, now it has become much easier and simpler for an individual to complete programs and projects within a stipulated time.

Now, when it comes to talk about E-learning, well it serves as the ideal compliment to Home Use Program. So, it would be recommended to take full advantage of this program and surely, you won’t be disappointed at all.

In educational institutions, only the faculty and on-quad staff can use the HUP program as long as they continue to render their services for the academy.

Readers! what are you thinking about? Do not lose this opportunity of knowing more about this great offer online that helps you gaining more Office suite skills. Make an informed decision and place an order today! Digital bulk order is also available that enable installing the HUP across your entire enterprise.

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