What Is a Trial Presentation?

Trial can be for months or last for years, thereby making it demanding, hence a strong need for developing advanced software was felt which ultimately lead to the invention of Trial Presentation.

This concept must be new for many of the viewers. Throwing some light on this topic, it is amongst one of the most advanced advocacy techniques that is aimed at providing on-screen evidence for a particular case.

A trial presentation helps in meticulously speeding up the process of a legalized hearing. Advocates handling a case create proper presentations containing complete details of a case including evidences, facts and other complex details that may be required during the case hearing.

Moreover this technology is being widely adopted as by courts as it does not require any special court room or use of expensive technology products.

In order to develop a successful trial presentation you must have proper knowledge of Microsoft PowerPoint, an effective tool enabling people to create effective presentations.

If you want to win a trial case, make sure that your presentation is packed with all the facts and evidences that may be required to prove your client innocent. Well tested, designed and presented trial will assist you in achieving your motive.

Moreover, a person can readily protect his presentation with the help of protect presentation feature included in PowerPoint.

For activating ‘Protect Presentation feature’, you need to follow the steps listed below

  1. In the menu bar, click on Review option
  2. Select protect protection.

This feature will restrict access of unauthorized people over your work due to which you can be sure that no one misuses or makes any changes into your presentation.

Following section provides a detailed list of benefits attached with a well-organized trial presentation

Firstly, there is a reduced risk of losing important case documents. Further, you can retrieve all the desired documents within seconds thereby speeding up the trial procedure.

Secondly, you can add relevant images into your presentation, imparting better control over the entire proceedings.

Remember, PowerPoint allows you to easily add a picture or even entire photo album. This can be done by following certain simple steps.

  1. Go to Menu Bar and click on insert option.
  2. Choose Photo album through which you can easily create a new presentation based on the set of pictures available with you.
  3. Moreover, an individual can even add a single picture into his presentation by clicking on the picture option available in the same pane.

A screenshot of this procedure is being presented in the following section which would further help in simplifying your task.

Finally, a well-organized flawless trial presentation will definitely help in persuading the jury to make an impartial decision in favor of your client and also speed up the execution process.