How to Start a PowerPoint Slideshow

Starting a PowerPoint slideshow is maybe one of the most useful tasks during a PowerPoint. It is supposed that if you make PowerPoint presentations you are at least starting it one time as a presenter, unless you are just sharing with your audience. Even if you are a PowerPoint viewer then you need to start a presentation. Here we will show you ways to start a PowerPoint presentation or slide show.

Click on the PPS file

If you got a PowerPoint presentation by email or from any social network as a PPS File then when you click it in your computer file explorer then normally it will start the slideshow automatically.

Even if you have the presentation file as .ppt you can rename it to .pps in order to use this method. This was previously commented in the official PowerPoint blog.

In PowerPoint click F5 and start the presentation

The shortcut F5 inside PowerPoint editor will start your presentation.

f5 button icon

Click on the small slideshow icon

Instead of F5 you can start your presentation in the current slide in your editor by clicking in the small slide show icon.

f5 key start presentation in current slide

Configure a shortcut to run PowerPoint slide show

You can use your terminal or configure a shortcut in your system to run the PowerPoint slideshow by passing the argument /s to Powerpnt.exe and then the file name.

<path>Powerpnt.exe /s <filename.ppt>

There may exist some other methods to start a PowerPoint presentation but these methods above can be useful when you need to learn how to start a PowerPoint presentation.