Ways to Open PowerPoint in Office 2013

Office 15 comes with lot of new features for MS Office programs like Excel, PowerPoint and Word aside the new interface Metro (was that the hook to get new users or look a modern application?). Here we will see some ways we can open PowerPoint files in the new release of Office 15. As you can see below, there is a better integration with cloud services (especially SkyDrive).

First of all, when we try to open a PowerPoint in Office 15 from the File menu we will see there are different “Places” that we can choose to open from. In this example below we can see:

  • Recent Presentations. Let’s open the presentations that we were editing recently.
  • SkyDrive files. Will open files and folders in your SkyDrive source (you need to login in order to use this service).
  • Computer. It is the traditional way to open files, as you can see this option was moved to the 3rd place so it is clearly an intention from Microsoft to give all the power to the cloud computing.
  • Add a place. This lets add a new custom place as we can see below.

Open PowerPoint in Office 2013

Adding a place lets configure additional ways to open PowerPoint. In this case we can choose between Office365 SharePint and SkyDrive (to add a custom location) but my guess is that later Microsoft will add more sources, why not letting users to add a Dropbox source as a place? This will be great to let users open PowerPoint files from Dropbox and a good idea for an addin developer (give me the credit please).

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