Warehouse Inventory Excel Template

Companies, especially those who are selling finished products or supplies in order to operate and do business, will often keep an inventory to ensure that everything is in proper order and that they are within certain quality standards and fiscal considerations. Furthermore, keeping an accurate inventory, such as a warehouse inventory, helps in a lot of a company’s major tasks such as budgeting and planning.


To help you keep track of what goes in and out of your warehouse and ensure that you have everything you need on hand, you need the Warehouse Inventory Excel Template. This template contains pre-formatted cells, built-in formula, comprehensive inventory columns, and sample content to help you throughout the process of creating your own warehouse inventory in Excel.

Create an Inventory List for Your Warehouse

The Warehouse Inventory template is specially made for companies who keep a warehouse, which means they have dozens to hundreds of items, SKUs, and different categories. Having a template such as this will help you keep track of what is inside your warehouse and the movement of all the units in and out of it.

This template contains three worksheet tabs. The first tab is the Inventory List, which contains different columns such as SKU, Description, BIN#, Location, Unit, Quantity, Reorder Quantity, Cost, Inventory Value, and Reorder Indicator. The Inventory Value has sparklines built-in to help you have visuals at a glance of the value of the whole inventory for each SKU. The Reorder Indicator, meanwhile, shows red flags on certain SKUs that already need to be ordered or replenished.


Know Your Inventory Wherever Your Are

The second worksheet tab is the Inventory Pick List, which contains columns for Order Number, SKU, Pick Quantity, Quantity Available, Item Description, Unit, BIN Number, and Location. This will allow you to sort through your units within your warehouse to easily locate them.

The third worksheet is the BIN Lookup. This table gives you a useful data for both your inventory list and your inventory pick list sheets. This contains BIN Number, Description, Location, Width, Height, and Length.


By saving this template to your OneDrive account, you can also enjoy mobility because you can check on your warehouse inventory wherever you are.

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