Best 3C Model Templates & Designs for PowerPoint Presentations

The 3C’s Model is a business model that is widely used in strategy presentations and topics to represent the factors needed for success as an strategy diagram. This model focus on three factors for success when building a business strategy:

  • the Customer.
  • the Competitors.
  • the Corporation (or Company).

If you require to make a strategy presentation in PowerPoint or Google Slides, then you can get access to free 3C Model slides & designs including 3C Model PowerPoint templates.

Free 3C Strategic Triangle PowerPoint Template


This free 3C strategic triangle design is presented as a PowerPoint diagram and ready for free download from This diagram contains an editable triangle with the three components that are required for a 3C Model analysis including Competitor, Customer and Company. The diagram also has a text box in the center with editable placeholder for Success.

Business Plan PowerPoint Template


This presentation template contains exactly 30 slide designs including business models that are very useful to prepare a strategy presentation, a sales presentation or any other general business presentation. One of the slides is perfect to make a 3C Model analysis while presenting the marketing plan or strategy plan.

By using these presentation designs you can create 3C model analysis slides and include the core benefits or services of an expected product. It also helps to recognize the need of a corporation to offer a basic product and cater their expectations while differentiating from competitors.

The 3C Model was developed by Kenichi Ohmae, a business strategy professional. He is a Japanese organizational theorist, management consultant, Former Professor and Dean of UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs. Another variants of this 3C model includes emerging model designs that centers on sustainability. In this case, the 3C model stands for Capability, Consistency and Cultivation.

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