Desktop Product Inventory Database Template For Access

When you are involved in retail, wholesale, or basically in selling products, it is wise to keep an accurate inventory to avoid breakage, spoilage, loss, damage or even pilferage, which can greatly affect your business. The Desktop Product Inventory Database Template for Access is an open-source inventory management template that allows you to track your inventory. It also allows you to record customer orders and restocking or supply purchases, and create product reports.


Free and Comprehensive

There are many product inventory software but why would you have to pay when you can find the same thing for free? This free database template lets you conveniently monitor all the product that goes in and out of your company, as well as your transactions.


This inventory management template also automatically generates reports for you, which can take hours off your time so you can concentrate on more important and pressing matters of your business. It instantly generates Customers List, Active Orders, Vendor Lists, and Sales Reports.

Maximize Productivity

This Desktop Product Inventory Database Template for Access helps you maximize productivity by making information more accessible, allowing you easy access to the status and reports that you need. The database template contains various tabs, each with a dedicated function: Dashboard, Products, Orders, Purchases, Reports, and more.


This inventory management template also gives you the status of your products as well as supplier information so you can easily tell which supplies are low and where yo get them. The template also provides you with a customer list that you can use for marketing activities for promotions.


This template also makes the database secure. It has multiple profile logins, which gives selected access to specific employees. This avoids lower level employees from accessing information they don’t need while maintaining the integrity of the whole database system.

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