Verbal Communication Skills During A Presentation

Last updated on May 9th, 2024

Verbal Communication Skills During A Presentation

Adding to your well-planned presentation the enhancement of verbal dexterity, is  like icing on the cake you baked with so much love. When preparing for a presentation, remember to follow certain norms and be on the trail with care. These norms will help you communicate better with others.

Communication Skills need to be improvised on for every presentation, because the topics are different every time and so will vary the mindset of the audience. Moreover, your communication talent should complement the flow of your presentation.

Lingual or phrasal expressions have been the most effective method for ideas to travel since ages. Therefore,  it is still considered, what you can express with with your saying, cannot be brought out equally effectively through written words. For instance, songs that you hear are remembered by you better than the poetries you read, written by known poets.

You recognize a certain character through the dialogues that he spoke like, ‘Friends, Romans and Countrymen, lend me your ears….’ by Marc Antony from the famous play Julius Caesar by Shakespeare is a line most of us are acquainted to.

So, how to communicate better? There are certain steps you can follow prior to your presentation and during the course to make it an effective one:

Rehearse to Enhance Your Verbal Expertise

You can practice it in front of the mirror, check on your pronunciation of words and also do have the presentable expressions on your face, while delivering the dialogue.

Be Audible and Clear

This is highly important. Your voice should reach till the end of the room, but it should not sound like you are yelling. Your voice should be clear and firm. It should not be shaky at all, that actually displays a lack of confidence and the listeners lose their interest immediately.

Do Not Read directly from a Script

You can prepare one but do not mug-up a written script. It never helps rather looks like a plastic recitation, unnatural and dull. The best solution is to take down some pointers, so that you can look at them for reference.

Organize and Prepare A Discussion Structure

Plan a well-thought out and structured elocution, it should correspond with the flow of your presentation. Manage a co-ordination such that your slides move according to the topic you are speaking on.

Presentable and Presence of Mind

If you are competently equipped for the occasion, then the audience will never take their eyes off you. At the same time your proficiency and presence of mind plays the decisive factor to keep the listeners engrossed in your words.

Its a Two-way Communication

Always leave some time for clarification of doubts and discussion, it certainly assures the audience that you are confident about the topic and have prepared yourself thoroughly.

Verbal Communication Talent is enhanced with practice and you can improve it with experience, but as a fresher practicing is crucial and should be done with care. Work on your weaknesses and perfect your plus points, so that you can become a proficient presenter.

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