How to Create a Wordle in PowerPoint

Using Wordle in PowerPoint Presentations is quite easy and only requires basic knowledge of PowerPoint. However if you’re wondering what Wordle is, then let me explain it to you. Wordle is a tag cloud or word cloud visual representation of tags or words that are defined by the user. Creating such Wordle or word clouds will help you jazz up your PowerPoint Presentations.


Follow these simple instructions to learn how to use Wordle in PowerPoint Presentations.

Using Using Wordle in PowerPoint Presentations

  • Browse to on your browser and click on Create a new Wordle option which is present in navigation menu of the website.
word cloud

Now, you need to paste your set text or words, which you would like to feature in the tag cloud, in the gives text area.

Please note that you just need to type in the words. You don’t need to put any extra characters such as comma or semicolon in between the words. For instance, you can simply copy over a random paragraph from the internet and paste it over the given text-area.

Click on the Go button to generate your own wordle or word cloud. Then, make sure that the generated cloud is positioned at the center of the screen.

Here you can press Print Screen button on your keyboard (This button is generally situated at the upper right region of your keyboard) to take a screenshot of your screen, or you can use other tools like Greenshot to select the region on the screen with the cloud of words. Pressing the print screen button will take the screenshot of your entire screen (It will copy it).

Now open any paint program such as MS Paint, GIMP 2 or Adobe Photoshop.

Assuming that you’re using MS Paint, simply press CTRL+V to paste the screenshot.

  • Now, select your desired area (the area covered by Wordle) and click on crop.
  • Once you’re done with the cropping, use selection tool to select full image or simple press CTRL+A.
  • Now, copy the image by right clicking on the selected region or by pressing CTRL+C.
  • Open your PowerPoint Presentation and press CTRL+V to paste that image in the desired slide.

This will paste the cropped image inside the slide of PowerPoint presentation. Now, instead of cropping it with MS Paint, you can also crop the image from PowerPoint itself. This is certainly a time-saver for you

How to Crop the image within PowerPoint

  • Paste the entire image in PowerPoint
  • Select the image
  • Click on format from menu bar
  • Now, you’ll have the option to crop the selected image on the top right corner
  • Click on it and crop the image from all four corners for desired result.

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