PowerPoint elements

Tips, tutorials, clipart and PowerPoint templates for efficiently using PowerPoint elements. Download free PowerPoint backgrounds and slide decks with attractive PowerPoint elements and learn the art of making and managing your own elements within your PowerPoint slides.

From PowerPoint graphics in the form of editable presentation templates to neat tricks for making the most out of the most minor elements in PowerPoint slides, you can find a range of handy posts to get creative with your slide decks.

Harvey Balls in PowerPoint [Updated 2018]

Inserting Harvey Balls in PowerPoint is easy if we have the right images and icons to insert or embed in the slide design. However the are some alternatives if we don’t have the right Harvey Balls graphics. [Updated 2018] See the recommended Harvey Balls PowerPoint templates we added recently. 1. Free Harvey Balls PowerPoint Template …

Nightfall PowerPoint Template


Dark doesn’t have to be dull, nor somber. Dark-colored PowerPoint presentations offer an air of mystery and sophistication. Add geometric lines and you have something modern, powerful, and eye-catching.

Amazing Four Part Teardrop Graphic Template For PowerPoint

Beautifully Designed 3D Graphic Slide Template

Presentations need not be boring as long as you know the many tips and tricks to catch and engage your audience’s attention. Aside from making your presentation clutter-free and using one image to sell your idea, your presentations should also tell a story, making your audience willing to learn and get something from it.

Motion Elements Template for PowerPoint Presentations


Presentations, especially lengthy ones, tend to be boring at times, especially when the audience has nothing but text, tables and charts. They would tend to lose track of your presentation because they are overloaded with too much information. Nothing lends more excitement to your PowerPoint Presentations than animation and motion elements. Motion elements catch the …

Free Billiard PowerPoint Template with Editable Ball Shapes

Free Billiard PowerPoint Template with Editable Ball Shapes is a free PowerPoint template that you can download with billiard balls ready to be used in PowerPoint slides.  You can download this free billiards ball PPT template to decorate your presentations with unique balls created with Microsoft PowerPoint using shapes. The free billiard PowerPoint template contains …

Free Hand Drawn Shapes, Callouts & Graphics for PowerPoint Presentations

Using hand drawn graphics in your presentations can be really helpful to make stunning presentations with a personal touch. You can use the following collection of hand drawn PowerPoint graphics including hand drawn rectangles, hand drawn ovals and hand drawn callouts to decorate your presentations with a personal touch. For example, you can use the …

How to add New Office.com SmartArt Graphics to PowerPoint 2010

PowerPoint 2010 can download additional SmartArt content from Office.com but before you can access the resources you will need to change a setting in the Options page. Here we will show you how to add new Office.com SmartArt Graphics to PowerPoint 2010. First, you need to configure your Trust Center options to allow PowerPoint download …

Segmented Pyramid in PowerPoint using SmartArt

Using SmartArt we can create some nice PowerPoint graphics, and the Segmented Pyramid is one of the available graphics that allows us to make a great pyramid chart in PowerPoint. You can use this pyramid to show containment, proportional, or interconnected relationships. The first nine lines of Level 1 text appear in the triangular shapes. Unused …