Use Format Painter to apply the same formatting to multiple places

This is a very useful tip that will save you time when dealing with formatting and effects in PowerPoint. As you may know, Format Painter is a great tool to apply the same formatting to other objects. For example, if you are designing a shape combining other shapes you can choose the formatting options for one of the shapes and then use Format Painter to paint the same styles. But if you have lot of styles you’ll need to click on Format Painter multiple times.

The trick here is to use Format Painter to apply the formatting to multiple places. In order to do this you will need to double click Format Painter icon.

format painter

If you move the mouse over the icon you will get the click help. Double click this button to apply the same formatting to multiple places in the document.

format painter powerpoint

In this example we have used the Format Painter to replicate the same effects to all the shapes on top of the stack.  This quick tip for PowerPoint 2010 can help you to save time while designing your PowerPoint templates or PPT presentations.