Editable US Map for PowerPoint (with Color Codes)

Last updated on September 23rd, 2023

If you need editable United States Maps for PowerPoint presentations, then this color coded US Map for PowerPoint template offered by PresenterMedia is a good alternative to show a catchy and professional US Map in your Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.

US Map PowerPoint template
Color coded US Map in PowerPoint template

The US Map Toolkit for presentations in PowerPoint and Google Slides contains ten high-quality slides in PowerPoint with USA maps that you can copy and paste into your own presentations to show US maps with states or US regions. The maps can be very useful in any business PowerPoint presentation and combine the maps with other visual aids for example, circles and heat zones showing different levels or aggregate information in a map.

This template is handy to prepare presentations on a wide range of topics requiring to show maps.

  • Presentations with demographics and geographic information
  • Business presentations breaking down sales by US region or States
  • A report showing the voting results of a US Election
  • Top producers by US State

For example, you can use the US maps to show the USA population by State or to be used in a US Election to show the votes by State.

You can also use the 3D US map design that is available in one of the slides. The 3D Map for PowerPoint can be rotated using the PowerPoint rotation options.

3D US Map Template for PowerPoint - Example of US map in a PowerPoint presentation about Top Oil Producing States
Example of US map in a PowerPoint presentation about Top Oil Producing States

The USA map tool kit contains different US Map vectors that you can use in conjunction with other charts and diagrams to make editable maps of United States America American with catchy illustrations. Instead, if you need free maps for PowerPoint you can check our free section containing different resources where to download free maps for your presentations, or you can download some of the best free editable US maps with States for using in your presentations.

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