Top 7 Reasons for Switching to PowerPoint 2010

Microsoft has introduced a new version of Office suit including MS Word 2010, MS Excel 2010, MS PowerPoint 2010 and MS Outlook 2010. Some new additions and modifications have been made in this suit making it even more useful for people. Let us introduce you to top seven features of new MS PowerPoint 2010 which make it worth using if you are using other alternatives to PowerPoint or even older version of Office with PowerPoint 2003 or PowerPoint 2007.

Switching to PowerPoint 2010

Improved visual impact

Firstly, it saves your time, money and energy for adding some sophisticated visual effects as it already incorporates some additional photo editing software programs. PowerPoint 2010 is also capable of transforming your images into vibrant, compelling visuals by saturating brightness and contrast in an optimal manner.

Imparts collective participation

One of its kind co-authoring feature enable collective work wherein several individuals can work simultaneously on a single presentation which helps in saving their time as they do not need to wait for their turn. This is possible with by using Lync office communicator.

Simplifies integration of personalized video

Users can embed and edit video files by trimming irrelevant portions and keeping back only the necessary part directly within PowerPoint tool. Special bookmarking facility is also provided which enables users to immediately trigger an animation on reaching the bookmark.

Online Broadcast of presentation

You can now air your presentation simply by sending relevant URL over internet. This attribute allows your listeners to join your presentation sitting in any part of the world but they need to have internet access. Even if your viewers do not have PowerPoint software, still they may view your presentation in high definition (HD) with the help of this characteristic.

Access Presentation through multiple devices

Users can post their presentation online with the help of internet and also make relevant up-gradations into it as and when required by accessing the same over their smart phone device by using certain web apps.

Add stunning graphics into your presentation

People can now add some interesting graphics into their PowerPoint presentation even without having any professional knowledge about graphics. This can be done by using many of the pre-existing smart-art layouts. You can also transform your words into impressive visuals that can adequately illustrate your ideas.

Improved transitional effects

PowerPoint 2010 offer fresh, dynamic and easily customizable animation effects and slide transitions capable of imparting 3D effect. Furthermore, users can easily create, preview, customize or replace existing animation as well as animation painter can be used to copy these animations from one object to another.

It simplifies your accessibility to various features thereby enabling you to create your own personalized working style.

Start now and make a great and visually appealing presentation with Office 2010.