Tips to Make Professional PowerPoint Presentations

No matter, presentation is prepared by using which presentation tool, it always remain a best source of effectual presentation as it bears visuals but if not utilized properly it can cast negative effect as well. For instance bad or messy slides, irrelevant pictures and graphics. Though, inserting such visuals is good and recommended but it must be suitable.

Here we will discuss few tips and tricks to make your PowerPoint Presentation effective and professional.


Foremost thing to keep in mind while creating presentation on PowerPoint is  design, it must be elegant and decent. You can find a number of such designs from any presentation helper that offers free PowerPoint templates for various topics and you may select as per the demand of topic. Or else you may download the designs from internet.

While creating or downloading templates keep few things in mind like,

Compose Slides

Copying and pasting slide from any source is NOT recommended. You need to compose your own slide. And while composing slide design remember:

  • Keep it simple and basic so that it doesn’t distract audience
  • Use easily readable font
  • Heading and text font should be different by carefully chosen
  • Insert relevant images and graphics
  • Don’t let your design restrict your message.

Use Consistency

Try to use same font size for your text on all slides. And try to use same colors for all slides unless topic required variation for clear illustration. To make it more catchy you may use Company logo, images and graphics, special frame and so on but in a relevant manner and these elements should not be overloaded.


Choosing black and white color background is good choice but at the same time it become boring and dull also. So, play with colors but keep this thing in mind that it should be eye pleasing.

Apply Color with brilliance

Use color wisely. Sometimes the color combination you choose may look beautiful at you terminal but when we play those slides on projector may fails to achieve that clarity. Thus, it is advisable to keep background light and use dark color for text.  Avoid using too many colors at a time. Create brilliant color combination for design and use good contrast.

Keep slides concise and simple:

  • Keep it straight and simple
  • Use keywords only.
  • Avoid using lengthy sentences.

Never read your slides while giving presentation, this is completely unprofessional. Talk freely and tell your message in the form of story.

One idea per slide

Yes, this is the successful rule to restrict an idea on single slide this will allow your audience to retain your message and to get your point easily. Best way is to use bullets to present your information on slide.

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