How to Draw a Fat Arrow in PowerPoint using Shapes

Fat arrows can be used in business presentations, and fortuantely you can easily draw a fat arrow in PowerPoint using the built in shape feature in PowerPoint 2010 and other versions.

How to Draw a Fat Arrow in PowerPoint using Shapes

Learn how to Draw a Fat Arrow in PowerPoint 2010 using Shapes

First, start inserting a simple arrow shape. You can use the right arrow and then customize it for any desired direction.

fat arrow design

Now, you can customize the width of the arrow by dragging the yellow diamond.

You may want to add nice effects to the arrow, for example convert it to 3D design. You can add a shadow so it looks more realistic. In business presentations you can use fat arrows to create a simple timeline for your presentations but also to describe the goals and objectives and communicate the strategy map.

fat arrow 3d powerpoint

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