The Power of recording in PowerPoint presentations

Imagine that you need to make a PowerPoint presentation but you want to keep record of your presentations, annotations, timing, etc. There are lots of software packages out there that enables you to do this easily, but did you know that PowerPoint 2010 has a built-in recording feature?

Record Slide Show and Rehearse Timings are both great features in PowerPoint that you can use if you need to prepare a presentation and rehearse it before running the final presentation slideshow.

What can you do with Record Slide Show?

  • You need to rehearse a presentation
  • You need to prepare the presentation for a colleague

Let’s see how to record a slide show presentation in PowerPoint.

First, we need to open Slide Show menu and then click on Record Slide Show button. This will open a context menu with the following options: Start Recording from Beginning or from Current Slide.

record timing powerpoint

Once you click on recording from Beginning or from Current Slide, a new dialog will appear.

timing powerpoint

Here you can choose if you want to record slide and animation timing and also narrations and laser pointers. The former lets you track timing and record everything related to presenter narration and the pointer.

Later, if you want to clear or start over, you can click on Clear menu and this will let you clear all recorded timings from the current slide or on all slides. You can also clear the narrations and laser pointer.

clear powerpoint