The Most Effective Methods To Convert PDF to PPT And PPTX

There are very few methods or reliable applications which allow converting PDF files to PowerPoint formats like PPT and PPTX. Furthermore, the available applications are often paid and can be quite expensive. In a previous post we showed you how to convert PDF files to Microsoft Word format. This time we will provide you with some handy methods and applications by which you can convert PDF documents to to PPT and PPTX format.

PageFlip Free PDF to PowerPoint

PageFlip Free PDF to PowerPointis a free software that enables converting entire PDF documents to a PowerPoint presentation. Converted files are quickly turned into PowerPoint slides which can then be used for presentations. The application offers three conversion modes, namely; the Batch Convert Mode, which converts multiple PDF files to PPT format, Hot Directories Mode, which enables users to monitor a folder on a server for automatic conversion and the Command Line Mode, which can be used to convert PDF documents via the command line. For more details, see our review of PageFlip Free PDF to PowerPoint.

Hot Directories Mode

Boxoft PDF to PowerPoint

Boxoft PDF to PowerPoint is another free tool that can quickly convert PDF files to PowerPoint format. the interface of this application is quite similar to PageFlip and the functionality is also quite similar. With Boxoft PDF to PowerPoint you can import PDF documents and specify the output folder to convert your files.

Boxoft Free PDF to PowerPoint - boxoft

Boxoft PDF to PowerPoint is compatible with the following operating systems:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Go to Download Boxoft PDF to PowerPoint

Wondershare PDF to PowerPoint Converter

If you are looking for a more advanced tool for converting PDF files to PowerPoint format, then Wondershare PDF to PowerPoint Converter is just what you need. Although the application comes with a price tag of $29.95, however unlike free conversion tools this application not only converts PDF to PowerPoint but also enables editing them. Furthermore, you can even convert encrypted PDF files to edit and reuse them as PowerPoint presentations. You can see more details about this tool from our review of Wondershare PDF to PowerPoint Converter.

Wondershare PDF to PowerPoint Converter

Insert PDF in a PowerPoint Presentation

Another way of converting a PDF file to PPT or PPTX format is to insert a PDF file to Microsoft PowerPoint slides. As most converters simply create images out of PDF files for use in presentations, you can avoid the hassle of downloading a tool by inserting PDF files yourself. To see the entire process for inserting PDF files to PowerPoint slides, see this post.


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