Calculating Food Costs Using ChefTec Culinary Software

Running a restaurant takes up countless hours of planning, organizing, accounting, management, and of course, maintaining that balance between food cost and quality. You can create a food cost calculator spreadsheet from scratch but that would usually take up a lot of time that you would rather spend on being on top of your food service business. Thus, it would be ideal to invest on food cost and inventory software that would help you with your overall restaurant operations.


ChefTec is one of the leading software that can help you run your restaurant or food service business, and can be easily used by chefs, owners, operators, restaurateurs, and other food service professionals. ChefTec can help you in Recipe and Menu Costing, Inventory Control, and even Nutritional Analysis.

Calculate Food Cost per Recipe

ChefTec is a database software that is designed primarily for use in the food service industry. It allows you to perform and track various functions that make up your food business, such as Recipes, Inventory, Invoices, Orders, and Reports.

Convenient and Effective Inventory Management

With this software, you can organize your ingredients according to recipe, set portion sizes, yield and measurements, and compute for your total food cost. This software also allows you to record your recipe procedures, as well as indicate store room locations for your ingredients. Just Click on the Recipe Button and browse through your recipe records.

Convenient and Effective Inventory Management

You can even keep track of your inventory with ChefTec. This database can show you All Stocked Items, or display them according to Stocked Category, Location, Recipe, Sub Recipe, Product Code, and many more. For each item in your inventory, you can view Costing Method, Purchase History, Unit Conversions, Product Codes, as well as Nutrient Information.

Create and Store Invoice

As with all businesses, you will need to create reports and ChefTec makes it easy for you to streamline all your information to create significant reports on Purchases, Inventory, Recipes, Invoices, and many more.

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