Take screenshots for your presentations with SnapCrab

There are multiple ways to take screenshots in Windows, especially if you need to use Print Screen key and take a full window screenshot to be used in Photoshop or PowerPoint. However, taking full screen screenshots may not be optimal especially when you need to take just a portion of the screen.

In this case, there are other software and tools that can be very helpful for this purpose. SnapGrab is just another free alternative that we can use to take screenshots in Windows and capture the screen and then save it as image. This can be very convenient for example if we need to share the screenshot online or embed the screen in PowerPoint. This photo capture software that can capture any part of your screen.

Another good feature of this screenshot tool is that it has full compatibility with social networks (this is not supported with the keyboard Print Screen). So you can take screenshots and then collaborate online with your colleagues or share online on Twitter or Facebook.

Images taken using this tool are saved in PNG format and you can capture the whole screen, specified windows or areas, or wherever you like.

Capturing is easily achieved by just clicking the icon in the toolbar and you can configure the keystrokes to be used to capture the region or window. You can also freely assemble a variety of settings in the settings section to capture the way you want to.

You can beautifully capture translucent windows and capture even the translucent window of Aero Glass with shading included. With this function to not include the background in the capture, there is no need to clean up your desktop to take a perfect capture.

A variety of functions can be executed quickly with just a click of the mouse and images can be easily generated with minimal effort, no time and from trimming to saving,
without the need to use another application or editing software.

For PowerPoint users, using a capture screen tool like SnapGrab, can speed up the process to design a presentation and embed the pictures you need from your screen, however you should be aware that there are other alternatives to this capture software tool like SPGrab, Snipping Tool, FastTone Capture, Droplr, TinyGrab, JShot or even Grabbox, ScreenSnapr or the built in feature in Microsoft Office PowerPoint to capture screenshot that you can execute under Insert menu and Screenshot.

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