Greenshot: Free tool to take screenshots in Windows

If you need to take screenshots for your presentations and don’t want to use the built-in screenshot tool from Microsoft, then there are free alternative software packages like Greeenshot that you can download and install in your computer that will help to take and annotate screenshots for your slides. Plus, you can directly insert the screenshot into your PPT slides using free Greenshot tool. Let’s discover how.


Greenshot is one of the best free alternatives to take screenshots in Windows. By using Greenshot you can not only take screenshots but also annotate the images with your own notes and using some nice annotation tools like rectangle shapes, circles, etc. You can also blur some text for example containing confidential information to keep your privacy or highlight using a marker.

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Once you download Greenshot for Windows from you need to install it and the Print Screen button in your keyword will take the screenshot. You can also customize the keystrokes used to take screenshots. You will enter a screen like the following one and access to a set of great features to do what you need with your screenshot: copy to clipboard, send to printer, send by email, send to PowerPoint, Excel or Word, or even send to MS Paint or cloud storage services like Box, Dropbox, etc. Of course you can also save your screenshot to your hard disk using the common format like PNG, JPG, etc.

greenshot take screenshot powerpoint

Additionally, the tool has a nice integration with cloud storage services like Dropbox and, so you can send screenshots to your cloud storage account and then share it easily or publish online.

take screenshot powerpoint

The plugins allows to extend the functionality of Greenshot and you can customize plugins for cloud storage integration but also for Confluence, External command plugin, Jira, image hosting services like Flickr, Picasa or Imgur.

Take screenshots, apply special effects and insert into PowerPoint slides

You can also apply some basic special effects like invert colors, add a border, add a shadow to the screenshot, a torn edge effect, or even gray scale. But definitely the great feature for presenters is the MS Office integration that let you insert any screenshot in PowerPoint. This is great to add screenshots and references, since it uses the custom photo or picture layout with space for the screenshot description, as you can see in the image below (learn more in how to reference screenshots).

screenshot ppt

Greenshot is free and you can install it in Windows. The source code is also available in C# if you want to experiment and add new plugins.

Download Greenshot from

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