Create sparklines using a simple Office add-in like SparkMaker and learn the utility of making and managing sparklines in Office documents for visual representations.

Other than tips, this section also lists Office templates that you can download for making reports, analysis and other types of official documents with sparklines to mark data trends.

How To Easily Perform A Customer Profitability Analysis in Excel

Show Customer Profitability in Visual Format

Customer profitability is the profit that a company makes in serving a particular customer or client over a specific timeframe. This is the difference between the customer revenue and the costs of having business relationships with a specific customer.

Sparklines in PowerPoint Presentations

A sparkline is a small intense, simple, word-sized graphic with typographic resolution, meaning that graphics are no longer cartoonish special occasions with captions and boxes, but rather sparkline graphic can be everywhere a word or number can be: embedded in a sentence, table, headline, map, spreadsheet, graphic. Sparklines, a concept invented by Edward Tufte, compress …