Response System

Learn how to use Audience Response System to complement your PowerPoint presentations with tools to learn from your audience. You can use an audience response system to integrate your presentation with the audience and get real time feedback about the performance running the presentation.

Tools like Mentimeter let you use a free audience response system to learn from your audience as an alternative to traditional polls or asking for feedback later.

Get Live Audience Feedback During Presentations with EasyPolls

Poll Designs

Conducting a PowerPoint presentation is one of the best ways to send your message to an audience. It can also be used for training and education, as well as in persuading an audience. However, the problem with presentations is that it’s sometimes hard to gauge if your audience understood your slideshow or if they’re even …

Add Advanced Voting Functionality To PowerPoint With PPVote

PPVote is an audience response system that comes fully integrated with Microsoft PowerPoint. This add-in can be used to facilitate anything from focus groups, workshops, group meetings to voting for AGMs (Annual General Meetings) to decide the next Board of Directors for a Limited Company. PPVote is quite easy to use, as it seamlessly integrates …